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Painted stone imitation iStone Supplier & Manufacturer

Quyet Tri Co.,LTD is a manufacturer and distributor painted granite imitation branded iStone in Vietnam. Our  painted granite imitation iStone is special product  by longtime enduring and best price while comparing with others.
With the meticulousness from the selection of materials, to the deploying of painted stone imitation services, we always put quality on top. For that reason, the projects using painted granite imitation iStone always achieve in terms of high aesthetics and best quality in the construction market.
Painted granite imitation iStone is currently a hot product, the preferred choice of building contractors for required high aesthetics projects.
With an experienced team expanding from the north to the south in Vietnam, Quyet Tri company has being constructed with Painted granite imitation iStone for many types of projects nationwide:
• Imitation stone paint for townhouses
• Imitation stone paint for building's façade
• Imitation stone paint for waterproofing wall
• Imitation stone paint for villas
• Imitation stone paint for temples’ gate, hotels, resorts …
Painted stone imiation for Village
Handling all of construction packages in Vietnam:
• Painted stone imiation in Hanoi
• Painted stone imiation in Hanoi Vietnam’s Northern region
• Painted stone imiation in Hanoi Hochiminh city
• Painted stone imiation in Hanoi Vietnam’s Southern region

Contact Quyet Tri company for consulting about Painted Stone Imitation
Quyet Tri painted stone imitation manufacturer
#11, lot 3/4, 151A area, Nguyen Duc Canh St, Tuong Mai ward, Hoang Mai dist, Hanoi - Vietnam
Tax code: 0106785171
Tel+Viber: (+84) 903.751.150
Email: support@istonepaint.com
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