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Painted stone imitation products

Painted granite imitation iStone
iStone paint is a high quality imitation granite paint with natured stone colors and the cheapest price on the construction market currently. The paint color can be last long over 15 years without fading, no peeling, and especially the paint has waterproof feature, anti-mold and very high heat resistance.
Painting stone imitation construction service
That will need a painter in highly experienced and knowledged about stone imitation paint, then he will manage well the process of painting, and make a beauty color painting.
Painted sand stone imitation iStone
Imitation sand paint is often reduce sounds in the room, soundproofing to the next room by the convex surface. This type of paint is also used to paint house’s columns, outdoor walls of apartments, high buildings or villas because it has very good anti-mold and moss-resistant features.
Painted marble imitation
Painted marble imitation istone, the color completely looks like natural marble. This type of paint is ability of high heat resistance, waterproof feature without fading, no peeling under any weather conditions.

Construction of stone imitation paint

Stone imitation painting construction service

Knowledge about stone imiation paint

Painted stone imitation construction instruction
Construction technique of imitation stone paint is one of the factors that greatly affect the aesthetics of the work and the durability of the painted surface. The correct technique of applying imitation stone paint is to ensure that the painted surface has beautiful colors
Trick of Feng Shui paint color selection
The five elements that live in harmony with each other is also a rule, so when mixing paint colors, you must follow the rules of feng shui to make owner always feels really comfortable and full of energy when living in the house with suitable colors.
What is stone imitation paint?
The works using iStone paint always achieve very high aesthetic, very delicate because the paint color looks like real stone. Choosing painted granite imitation iStone is your choice of confidence for your project which Quyet Tri company is a manufacturer of this brand. It is quite easy to mix colors following your requirements.
Why imitation iStone paint instead of real stone?
Granite used for facade cladding is a popular tiling material because of its outstanding features such as hardness, gloss, waterproof and non-fading.
It retains the same luster of stone, heat-resistant, waterproofing function similar to real stone, so it is painted granite imitation branded istone that is really hot construction paint on the market nowaday.
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