Painted granite imitation

iStone paint is a high quality imitation granite paint with beautiful colors and the cheapest price on the construction market currently. The painted granite imitation branded iStone producing by Quyet Tri company is the hottest choice of professional construction painters nowaday, as well as buiding contractors who require high quality of paint and high aesthetics of projects.

Why iStone paint?

Painted granite imitation iStone attributes excellent waterproofing and moisture resistance, in addition iStone also has a line of soundproofing grain soundproofing paint that is extremely good at preventing noise. Whether the paint is applied indoors or outdoors, the paint color remains stable over the years, regardless of wet or hot weather conditions, it still doesn’t fade, doesn’t peel, and anti-mold.
Choosing iStone is absolutely correct due to the paint’s color will be durable time of years, to confidently guarantee your constructions work to increase its prestige in the market.
painted stone imitation
iStone is often applied by painters to decorate the walls of townhouses, villas or entrance gates for resorts, hotels... With the richness of stone vein colors, iStone always meet all requirements of the aesthetic needs of many customers. customer type. Especially with a simple color mixing formula, it is not dificult to create any color according to individual hobbies or feng shui requirements of customers.
stone imitation paint for village
painted concrete imitation
painted stone imitation column
Moreover, with a very high aesthetic value of Istone paint color, architectural designers also prefer to choose it for interior decoration projects with luxurious and modern impressions typically as projects for house’s columm, Buddhist statues, or soundproof karaoke room....
painted stone imitation soundproofing for karaoke room
painted sand stone imitation for preventing noise

Featured iStone paint

Low cost: Using real stone in building house or construction costs many times than using imitation stone paint. This is a most important factor that customers should choose istone to reduce cost in construction process.
High aesthetics: This is the first factor which we want to introduce to clients. The color of istone is dead wonderful and deeply attractive to your construction.
Easy to apply: iStone paint can esily apply in any surface: small details, rough surface, or small crevices, ... It is more effective than natural stone tiles technique cannot do.
Hard to fade: Quyet Tri's Painted imitation istone is completely adapted to the hot and humid climate of Vietnam, the paint color can be last long over 15 years without fading, no peeling, and especially the paint has waterproof feature, anti-mold and very high heat resistance.

Where to buy painted stone imitation?

Quyet Tri Company is a national manufacturer, distributor and contractor of painted granite imitation branded istone. With a team of experienced painters accompanying many different types of complex projects, we are confident to always satisfy customers with the following criterias:
• Low price, stable source of goods due to domestic production. .
• Fast construction, high aesthetics beauty due to a team of skillful painters.
• Warranty period of 15 years.
• Always present in time for maintenance and warranty projects by enthusiastic staff.
• Easy to change paint color according to customer’s demands due to simple color formula.

iStone paint color table
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Painting stone imitation construction service
That will need a painter in highly experienced and knowledged about stone imitation paint, then he will manage well the process of painting, and make a beauty color painting.
Painted sand stone imitation iStone
Imitation sand paint is often reduce sounds in the room, soundproofing to the next room by the convex surface. This type of paint is also used to paint house’s columns, outdoor walls of apartments, high buildings or villas because it has very good anti-mold and moss-resistant features.
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