Painted stone imitation construction

Imitation stone paint is increasingly being chosen by more and more people because it offers many outstanding advantages compared to real stone cladding construction such as: compactness, easy painting, low cost, various colors, easy to change new paint colors.... Especially choosing iStone costs much lower than other paints on the market.
Quyet Tri Company provides a full package service: design consultation, production, supplying istone imitation granite paint, location of the construction, and warranty for the products.
stone imiation painting construction
Painted stone imiation project
Quyet Tri always follow and update new colors collection to satisfy the request of customers. There are plenty of paint colors following feng shui, colors for modern style, colors for simple style such as concrete imitation paint colors, cement imitation paint colors .....
Quyet Tri are willing to "customize" unique colors for customers quickly, because we are manufacturer and supplier of this efective paint.

Painted concrete imitation
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Painted granite imitation iStone
iStone paint is a high quality imitation granite paint with natured stone colors and the cheapest price on the construction market currently. The paint color can be last long over 15 years without fading, no peeling, and especially the paint has waterproof feature, anti-mold and very high heat resistance.
Painted sand stone imitation iStone
Imitation sand paint is often reduce sounds in the room, soundproofing to the next room by the convex surface. This type of paint is also used to paint house’s columns, outdoor walls of apartments, high buildings or villas because it has very good anti-mold and moss-resistant features.
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