Painted cement concrete imitation

With a minimalist beauty, modern luxury, imitation concrete and cement paint bring unique alluring colors and very rustic. For designers who know how to grasp current market trends, this decorative paint line is definitely not to be missed.
The most noticeable feature of this decorative paint is the creation of light gray imitation concrete walls that are simple, classic and nostalgic, and easily attracting the curious eyes of people when entering the house.
The imitation concrete and cement paint has a highly durable function. This type of paint has special properties of long-lasting color, no fading and no scratching. Moreover, the paint is also very good anti-slip, waterproof, and easy to wipe off stains with a wet tissue.

Advantages of imitation concrete paint

• Save time and low cost: It does not need to assemble formwork and no need to do periodic maintenance of concrete because the painted surface features waterproof, anti-moisture, anti-mold.
• High aesthetics: imitation concrete paint effection creates gray stains to think it is real concrete walls naturally. Moreover, painted surface is very smooth, glossy and reflective light, not really grainy like traditional concrete walls.
• Easy to clean : because the walls are painted with a smooth surface, it is easy to clean.
• Ensure long lasting work : imitation concrete paint effect is less affected by the environment, very good waterproofing so water cannot absorb inside the structure causing damage to the work.
• Many models: imitation concrete paint has a variety of designs with different patterns and color tones, so it is suitable for many interior styles and preferences of users.

Along with reasonable construction costs and unique effects, imitation concrete paint effect is a relevant selection for many interior spaces such as restaurants, coffee shop, living room, bedroom, office…

imitation concrete paint
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