Why painted granite imitation instead of natural stone?

Granite used for facade cladding is a popular tiling material because of its outstanding features such as hardness, gloss, waterproof and non-fading. However, because the weight of granite is very heavy, it increases the bearing load of the wall as well as the cost of real granite which is very complex and expensive to construct. For that reason, there is another effective material to replace natural stone with a much cheaper price, easier to construct and especially lighter. In addition, it retains the same luster of stone, heat-resistant, waterproofing function similar to real stone, so it is painted granite imitation branded istone that is really hot construction paint on the market nowaday.
granite stone painting front of house

Advantages of painted granite imitation branded istone

• Low cost: compared to using natural stones, the price of imitation stone paint is much cheaper. With a few hundred thousand dongs for a bucket of imitation stone paint can paint tens of square meters compared to a square meter of real stone the price up to serveral million dongs.
• High aesthetics: imitation stone paint makes your house to look more luxurious and palatial than normal paints. In producing process, using full set of additives, the imitation granite istone will help the walls to be absolutely waterproofing, anti-cracking, non peeling, non scratched, and the glossy coating keeps the color fastness up to 15 years without fading.
• Easy to construct: Compared to natural stone, the construction of imitation stone paint is much simpler. It not only can save material costs, but also reduce labor costs, shipping costs...
iStone painting of art

Applications Imitation Stone Paint

Imitation stone paint can be used in many places inside the house. However it is not good idea in using it too much cause to make your house lose its symmetry. In common usage, the imitation stone paint is used in some typical constructions as below:
Imitation stone paint for columns: the house column is one of the most chosen unit to apply imitation stone paint to decorate the house more luxurious and majestic. Especially, two large columns in front of the house, the imitation granite paint is the best choice to make an attractive impression at first sight.
Imitation stone paint for walls: who following classic styles, luxurious styles should choose painted sand imitation istone for the walls in the house. Especially the walls of cafes, karaokes, bars with closed spaces, imitation stone paint is the best choice to create sumptuous constructions.
Imitation stone paint for ceiling: with black and white grain of granite of imitation stone paingt will make the house feel brighter and cooler. Usually people choose painted granite imitation iStone for living room’s ceiling or large hall with shiny colors.
Imitation stone paint for gate: the gate is the first sight when they look at your house, so a majestic and beautiful gate will attract all of people with respectful thinking to owner.
Imitation stone paint of Art: to express more uniqueness to the items in your house, you can apply imitation stone paint to remake them into works of art such as painted granite imitation pots to plant flowers, statues in galleries art, stage in the hall...

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