What is stone imitation paint?

Imitation stone paint is a product with a surface finish similar to natural stone to create a solid surface for the building. Painted granite imitation branded iStone has been completely tropicalized, suitable for the hot and humid climate in Vietnam, so it can be used for decorating the surface of walls, columns, ceilings, gates .... and architectural works with high aesthetic requirements.
Imitation granite paint with ingredients made from stone ore, Pure Acrylic and other additives create many patterns and colors like natural stone: shiny, not shiny, smooth or rough... In addition, the surface is deeply similar to natural stone, however it does not increase the weight of the building but also it helps the building to be durable over time.

What kind of imitation stone paint is good?

Currently there are many types of imitation stone paint to meet the increasing demands of customers. When choosing, you need to pay attention to choose a reputable, branded supplier. Especially there is a warranty to ensure product quality and also to adjust following your requirements after constructing.
Choosing painted granite imitation iStone is your choice of confidence for your project which Quyet Tri company is a manufacturer of this brand. It is quite easy to mix colors following your requirements, to adjust customer’s design even whenr the work is completed. With an experienced team in using imitation stone paint for many years, iStone is always preferred brand for building contractors for large projects to enhance their prestige.

Is imitation stone paint durable?

Many people who use imitation stone paint question whether the paint is durable or not? Don't worry too much when using Quyet Tri's iStone paint, as a result iStone paint is completely adapted to hot and humid climates, very good waterproofing, heat resistance, paint color fastness can exist up to more than 15 years without fading, without peeling.

Photo of imitation stone paint

Nowaday there are many types of imitation stone paint on the market to choose. Currently, painters and architects and building contractors often choose iStone paint to be able to ensure the work meets high aesthetic standards with list of colors identical to natural stone and suitable for the homeowner's feng shui. Moreover, iStone paint is eco-friendly product and cost-effective more than natural stone cladding.

The works using iStone paint always achieve very high aesthetic, very delicate because the paint color looks like real stone.

stone imitation painting columns
village applied the iStone imitation paint
castle applying iStone imitation paint
iStone granite imitation painted for the hotel
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